Interstate Moving Company

What questions should I ask an Interstate moving company?

The type of move will determine the type of moving company you should hire. You can start by understanding the difference between an interstate and intrastate move along with knowing just how far you’ll be moving – all of which will limit the type of mover you’ll need.. Ask the Right Questions.

14 frequently asked questions About moving. categories moving | Posted on 10/08/2014 08/14/2018. the mover is responsible for 60 cents per pound per item for an interstate move.. Questions For Moving Companies Everyone Should Ask; 10 Questions For Movers; Post navigation.

Ask detailed questions about insurance. The moving company will provide insurance at an additional cost. Insurance is usually based on weight, so you will need to assess the value of your goods versus what the insurance policy will provide should your belongings arrive damaged or not at all.

When moving to another state, it only takes 20 questions to find the best interstate movers near you. Be a winner: play the game of Twenty Questions and win one of the top-rated interstate movers for your state-to-state move.

Another moving company question involves the insurance terms for the move. You typically can purchase additional insurance to cover the full value of your items if they’re lost or damaged. Be sure you understand what exactly the insurance covers, including if it covers the full replacement value of the item. Ask about hidden costs.

It’s always best to prepare and learn as much as you can about the professional movers, the moving process, and any hidden fees. Here are some good questions that will help you learn more about the moving companies you’re considering. Questions to ask movers. How long has the company been in business?

Based on that experience, here are the questions you MUST ask the moving companies, and the kinds of answers you should get. You are not looking for just the right answer, but how the question is answered – a caring and meticulous salesperson usually represents a caring and meticulous moving company. 1.

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Questions to Ask Before You Choose an Interstate Moving Company – Questions to Ask Before You Choose an Interstate Moving Company. Choosing a mover is a big decision that impacts your wallet, your belongings and your sense of peace during this major transition in your life. So, it’s important to find the right moving company that can make your move easy and comfortable.