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Moving with small pets: Small pets such as gerbils, guinea pigs, and hamsters are more sensitive to drastic temperature changes. Take care to protect them from cold drafts or direct sunlight. These animals can travel in the cage they normally live in, but make sure it is well sealed so they cannot escape.

Moving with pets adds an extra layer of complication to an already harrowing process. Along with managing timing and somehow getting all of those boxes unpacked in a reasonable period, you also have to consider the stress of the move on your furry one, and how your new home is more than just a change of scenery for them.

When moving, your gut instinct may be to get everything fresh and new – but stop at your dog’s items. Keep them smelling just like your pup. That familiar scent can help him feel more at home in a new location.

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If the pet had a non-ISO compatible microchip implanted at the same time as or before the pet’s most recent vaccination and it is still readable, the pet will not have to be revaccinated even if it had to be re-microchipped with an ISO compliant microchip to travel to the EU.

NDT – A step-by-step guide to moving with pets and children. – If you’re planning a movie soon, it may be best to take time to prepare for how the transition will influence the smallest members of your household.

The moving truck is reserved, you’re starting to box up everything you own and you’ve already taken several carloads of stuff to the thrift store. But have you thought about how your cat, dog, chinchilla or other hairy/feathered/scaly pets will do on your move? Some animals love car rides, while others hate them, but a move is a different *ahem* animal.

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Moving with pets can be stressful for the animal and the guardians. We're discussing several helpful tips that will teach you how to move with.

Moving involves so many tasks: planning, packing, hiring movers, enlisting emotional and physical help, and lots more. Moving with pets can add even more to your to-do list. When we moved a couple of.

Moving can present an exciting opportunity, but if you’re a pet owner, the normal chaos of relocating could be accompanied with stress over how to handle the damage your cat or dog has done to the.