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It’s common for pets to feel anxious in new situations and surroundings – try these tips to help keep your feline friend calm and comfortable during a long distance move, including travel to.

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Traveling With A Cat In A Car Long Distance (My Journey. – After I quit my job in LA, I moved down to San Diego to live with my sister for a while. Traveling With Cats in a Car Long Distance Like a Boss.

Driving cross country with 3 cats, help!!!! – Traveling with pets forum. tripadvisor forums ;. I may be moving cross country with my cats this summer too (DC to Phoenix) and am struggling with the same issue (enjoy the road trip vs get there quickly).. Driving cross country with 3 cats.

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Moving With Pets Across Country: Tips, Tricks, Costs and More! – A long distance move can be a stressful event for anyone, including pets. If you’re moving to a new city or province, and you’re moving with pets, you’re likely worried for their wellbeing.

Most states require a rabies tag for cats, dogs, and some exotic animals. Permits. You may need to purchase a permit before your exotic pet can enter your new home state. Ask your veterinarian for help with the application process. HOW DO I KEEP pets safe while moving? The devices below will help ensure your pets’ safety while moving.

The final stage of a successful long-distance move with your cat is to enjoy the destination together. Since cats are so routine-driven, the new territory will take getting used to. The best thing to do is be understanding if your cat needs time to adjust and try to give your cat as many familiar hangouts as you can.

Long-distance driving with cats: first-hand reports Cat lover melissa anthimides-hellon has gone on many road trips with her husband, kids, and cats. Including three moves.

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