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moving a piano up stairs

How to Move a Piano by Yourself on Hardwood Floor and with. – Bringing a piano up a flight of stairs requires the same amount of lifting, but you'll find out it will.

Move the piano to the base of the stairs. Position one of your helpers a few steps up. Lift the front of the piano, using a strap, and have the helper on the stairs hold it in the air. Put two or three more of your helpers at the bottom of the piano. Have them pick up the other end. Once the piano is fully in the air, start moving it slowly.

It will be much harder to do this after you start, especially if the path involves stairs. If you are going to have to move your piano up and down through a flight of stairs, the best solution is to rent a ramp. By placing a ramp on the stairs, the actual lifting of the piano on the stairs will be reduced.

It’s ideal for moving appliances, couches, king size mattresses and countertops. The ShoulderDolly allows your hands and arms to be free to open doors, hold onto handrails or to stabilize the object. It is ergonomically designed to allow movers to stand upright when going up or down stairs.

Grand Piano Spider Dollies. An extensive selection of Dollies for all styles of Pianos, Keyboards & Organs. If you require help, please call us toll free at 1-800-791-7144.

moving one piece of furniture moving packing supplies Toss, donate or sell unneeded belongings. rent a moving truck. Consider a moving container. Find your own packing supplies. read on for additional information about each cost-cutting strategy. plan an.If you're moving a very small apartment, one bedroom, or a single piece of furniture, you can still hire a mover.

Prices start about $85 to $90 and they go up. Usually baby grands are about. provided it is all ground floor. aaa piano movers (760-746-1330) will move an upright within the same zip code (no.

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A stair ramp allows for easy moving up and down stairs. These ramps are easily placed on stairs, which enables you to roll the piano with ease as opposed to.

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