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When you are packing china dishes for moving or storage, there are a couple essentials that you absolutely need: a variety of small or medium size boxes; packing paper; bubble wrap; scissors; packing tape; markers; In addition to the supplies, you will also want a large, flat space to prepare your china on. china packing Tips For Preparing Your Boxes. A common rule of thumb when packing for a move is to decrease the box size as the weight of the items goes up.

Pack bowls and teacups by placing the china in the center of the packing paper. Take each corner and fold it into the center of the bowl or cup. Take an extra sheet of paper and crumple that into a ball. Place the ball in the opening of the dish, so that there is a thick layer of padding.

Smaller plates, saucers and shallow bowls can make up a second layer. Wrap and pack in the same way as larger items. Depending on their weight, these might be used either as the bottom or middle layers. Wrap the same way as flat plates. Packing Fine China. Wrap all pieces of china and glassware individually in clean paper.

Whether you are moving your heirloom china with you to a new home or sending a beautiful tea set as a gift, you will always want assurance that the items will arrive safely in one piece. Follow these steps for successful packing methods. 1. Select a box that will allow you to pack no more than 10 lbs (about 4.5 kg).

Your Guide to Packing China & Crystal Glassware When Moving. – Check out these 5 hacks for protecting your items during a move. Purchase a dish pack partition pack for your boxes. If stacking china dishware inside of a box, place a cardboard cutout on top of each dish horizontally. Use medium to small size boxes to pack fragile items. Keep valuables with you at all times during a move.

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