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Moving out-of-state by train is one of the cheapest ways to move to a different state. While the cost is still higher than moving by bus (on average), you are able to move more stuff with you by train. Currently, Amtrak allows you to ship 500lbs per day from station-to-station. If you have more than 500lbs of stuff, you can break your stuff up.

The cost of moving companies and travel accommodations will vary depending on how far you’re moving. Some moving companies charge a flat rate and add extra fees for gas and distance traveled, and flights to smaller cities are more expensive than those to large, well-traveled cities.

Top 17 Must-Know Tips for Moving Out of State – Updater – Housing is another essential worth locking down before moving out of state. It may not be your dream home. Hey, it might even be your cousin’s couch, but long as you have somewhere safe to sleep for a few weeks, you’ll be much better off than waiting until you arrive in your new area.

An interstate move, also called an "out-of-state" or "long distance" move, is a move from one U.S. state to another. This type of move means that your belongings will be crossing state lines. Average moving cost. The cost of an out-of-state move is largely dependent on where you’re going and how much stuff you’re moving.

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Budgeting and preparing to move out of state. If you’re planning a move to another state, you may be wondering how you’re going to save enough money before moving day. You’re probably used to saving for other big purchases like buying new furniture or booking vacations, but a long-distance move isn’t as common of an expense.

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Fees and Costs to Include in Your Moving Budget – Creating a moving budget is essential to saving money on your move, and because the amount you’ll spend is not always obvious, there are lots of small costs that quickly add up.The larger items, such as the cost of renting a truck or moving company, the money you spend on your airline ticket, and the upfront cost of buying the packing supplies or hiring the packing service.